We help college kids go from IDK to "Hell ya I got this!"


Our Beginning

Laura and Jack are proud millennials figuring it out. We mess up, make mistakes, and sometimes move too fast. That's life. Laura studied painting and drawing. Jack is an engineer by training.

Since college we have started a not for profit, traveled to 47 states, run a professional development company for youth development professionals, built a freelance businesseaten too many eggs, and mostly convinced our parents that we are ok. Laura still paints, but Jack is no engineer, and life is great.

You are more than your college degree.


"Your GPA only matters to people who have no other reason to find you interesting."

— Chris SaccA - BILLIONAIRE Investor, ENTREPRENEUR, Former Googler


Jack Schott and Laura Kriegel have spoken across the US and Canada about the value of self-direction, building an authentic career, the power of play, and more.

Some of their recent speaking engagements, the ACA National Conference, YMCA MACC Conference, and SUNY New Paltz Honors Program



Our Mission

The future is scary. And for students graduating from college, it is easy to feel like everyone is telling you a different message or pulling you in a different direction. The pressure can be debilitating. We help students see through that, to turn some of the nervous energy about the future into exciting possibility. We focus on a tactical, tangible approach of reverse engineering what you want right now while setting yourself up for what your future self might want. 


Your parents aren't wrong, but they might not be totally right either.

The Game Has Changed

They grew up in a different time when a college degree was affordable and all but guaranteed a good job. Hard work, perseverance, and keeping your promises are still important, but in today's connection economy more is possible and more is required. It doesn't matter if we want to be teachers, lawyers, nonprofit leaders, artists, or doctors the rules are different.


Connect With Us

Let's partner together to create a planet full of people that love the way they earn a living. That are excited to go to work everyday and have a plan even if they know that plan will change. Let's do this. 

With Love,
Jack and Laura