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unbounded possibility.
authentic relationships.
radical empathy.

jack schott & laura kriegel

We build empathic communities and help mission driven organizations tell their story in the context of today.

what we’re working on

stomping ground

Stomping Ground is an overnight community of self-directed individuals practicing radical empathy and re-imagining a world where more is possible. We founded camp in 2015 and are constantly growing, learning, and striving to build a stronger community. This is where we spend most of our time.

batfish creations

Attention is the number one asset. The best stories need to be artfully crafted for the right audiences. With Batfish Creations, we help mission driven organizations better tell their story to the right people. We build websites, make drawing videos, and run graphic facilitation retreats.

go camp pro

Go Camp Pro is a community and library of resources that help camp directors save time and fill their camps. We partnered with Travis and Beth Allison, Scott Arizala, and James Davis to build a membership site for the camp professional community.


alliance for sde

We are founding organizers of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, a non-profit dedicated to amplifying the voices of self-directed learners and making self-directed education a possibility for every child. We mostly work on the design and social media end of things for the Alliance.

camping coast to coast

From 2012-2015 ish, we scoured the country looking for the best ideas in summer camp. We visited over 47 states, saw 150 camps, and traveled over 100,000 miles. We met some of the most passionate compassionate people on the planet. The people we met and what we learned on this trip built the foundation for how we interact with the world.

laura kriegel artist

Laura is a visual artist, primarily painting and drawing. Her art work is a raw reflection of her attempt to capture her thoughts and feelings, while her design and illustrations come from a different more analytical part of her brain.

laura kriegel

Laura leads with connection through vulnerability. She is the heart and soul of the projects we take on. She cares deeply for the happiness and fulfillment of children and is constantly searching for and finding more effective ways to live in communities based on trust. She is our creative drive, always thinking bigger and dreaming up new ideas.

jack schott

Jack struggles with rules, being told no, and sitting still. He is our technical support, finding ways to make the impossible possible and turn emotional instincts into logical processes. Never one to shy away from a problem, he is constantly searching for new truths and better ways to tell stories in the current contexts.

get in touch

Interested in working with us, learning more about camp, or have a question? Give us a call or send us an email.


Jack Schott and Laura Kriegel